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    Trying to maintain a normal body temperature during your most intense routine exercise? Keep yourself cool and clear-headed with Advance Apparel Cooling jacket: a jacket that features an auto sensing system that controls and cools down your body automatically whenever you go. 

    Unlike other wearable technologies, not only does this jacket provide you with maximum comfort but also the most fashionable look that available in the market today. It maintain a cool temperature level for up to 2½ hours, weigh less than 2 lbs., and recharge in minutes.

    Cooling jacket would equip with an auto sensing technology that allows garment to detect on your normal body temperature and the overheated body temperatures level.

    The app will allows user to input their overheat threshold which would automatically trigger off the jacket into providing cool air to your body as needed. Also the application will come with 3 fan speeds that allows user to enjoy a continuous moment of cool air without any disruption from the auto sensing system.


    What options would it be available for purchase?
    It will come with both men and women version, white/light blue and Black/orange colors.

    What sizes are available? 
    They are available in sizes M - L - XL.

    Are the jackets under warranty?
    Yes there is a three year warranty.

    When do I choose my jacket color and size?
    At the end of the campaign we will reach out to you where you will choose the color and size of the jacket you purchased.

    How do I get in touch with your team?  
    You can message us on here or email us at

    I would like a refund. How do I do this?
    Contact us at:

    For indiegogo campaign, please visit: