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    Imagine a hiking trip that takes days and weeks to travel in remote area where it is no easy access to information and help from anyone other yourself and your teammates? Introducing the Navigation jacket, a jacket that provides not only the comfortability but also the technologies you need to survive in a tough terrain in any given moment. 
    We dedicated in creating innovative garments that improve our every day's life. So Navigation jacket would do just that for you when emergency arises, such as when one of your teammates got scramble in the area where there has not internet connection and desperately need help from one of your teammates. Navigation jacket can able to track by our accompany device and performance a heartbeat monitor tracking system so that your teammate will know whether you are safe or not.
    Feature Technologies:
    Navigation jacket also has the ability to recharge the electronic device for up to 3 hours of sun light. So there is no hassle if your portable battery is running out of battery.
    In additional to that, Navigation jacket is water resistant, air translucent, so user can feel comfortability while being protected from traterous environment. Secondly, Navigation jacket also provide a water repellent zipper and removable hood that allows user to be more trusted when performing any challenging activities.
    Navigation jacket is famous for being water repellent and weather resistance. It features a high collar with an adjustable collar strap and comes in black color lining.
    Breathable layers Water resistant fabrics Waterproof zipper Removable hood

    For first 50 subscribers, we will specially embroider your name onto the smart garment you purchase with us. Its available in both Men and Women cuts, we have the following jacket collections: Navigation - Windbreaker (great for campers, hikers and fishing) and Down Jacket (ideal companion for snowboarding and skiing). Each style will be available in several popular colors and sizesM, L, XL. The jackets are also under a one year warranty.

    Project Timeline:

    Although we have mentioned that we will start shipping from start of Nov, 2016 but we are pretty confident that we will be able to do it before that.

    FAQ Section

    Does it work on cloudy days?
    Yes! In addition to the solar power panel, Searcher jacket powered by 6V batteries for up to 3 to 6 months.

    What sizes are available? 
    Currently they are available in sizes M - L in Mens and Womens.

    Are the jackets under warranty?
    Yes there is a two year warranty.
    Are they going to be machine washable or do they need to be dry-cleaned?
    Suggest to be dry cleaned.
    Do the jackets wrinkle when balled up?
    We designed the jacket to travel with you anywhere -- on a long flight or packed in your backpack. The fabric is pliable and able to be squished and scrunched. 
    Are the jackets waterproof?
    Yes, they are waterproof. Jackets are best in the light rain or with melting snow while skiing or snowboarding. 
    When do I choose my jacket color and size?
    At the end of the campaign we will reach out to you where you will choose the color and size of the jacket you purchased.
    How do I get in touch with your team?  
    You can message us on here or email us at
    I would like a refund. How do I do this?
    Contact us at:

    For Indiegogo link, please visit: