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    Isn’t it nice to be noticed? The Aroma jacket operate when you put on the garment, instantly releasing a burst of fragrance into the air. Equipped with heart beat sensing technology, it cuts down on waste and conserves refills by automatically freshening only when you need it most.


    The Aroma jacket offers a unique fragrance experience that blends attractive design with heartbeat sensing technology that allows the unit to spray whenever you go.

    The aroma jacket system can be adjusted with timing interval depending on the setting with the Aroma application.

    The units also comes with a boost button, that can be pressed at any time for an extra burst of fragrance or you can take out the fragrance bottle to spray by hand whenever you want. Choose from a variety of fragrances

    Fill your dress with aroma scent of whichever choices you choose. *Based on low setting.

    • Choose from three settings to achieve desired fragrance level
    • Up to 2,400 sprays of fragrance in each refill

    Safety & Precautions

    Keep the unit pointed away from you and others during assembly. Avoid pressing the boost button when locking the unit into place, to avoid the unit spraying once activated.



    The smart unit automatically sprays fragrance when a shadow has been cast upon a sensor.

    To conserve the refill, the unit automatically enters a lock-out mode once it has detected motion and sprayed. The lock-out mode for Sense & Spray is 20 minutes. The lock-out mode for Sense & Spray (with 360° design) is 15, 20, or 30 minutes depending on the switch setting.

    When in lock-out mode, the sensors are off and the unit will not automatically spray. After the lockout mode time has expired, the unit is again ready to sense motion.
    For an instant burst of Aroma system anytime, press the boost button on the top of the unit.

    Keep the unit pointed away from you and others during assembly. It automatically sprays a burst of fragrance after assembly to show it is working properly.

    FAQs & Tips

    What is Aroma jacket?
    Aroma jacket is a heart beat sensing air freshener wearable garment. It is a battery operated device with a built-in heartbeat sensor and refillable perfume spray bottle.

    How does Aroma jacket work?
    Insert refill canister into bay. Canister should be placed on top of the tan pull tab (pull tan tab when replacing refill for easy removal.) Pull the red strip from the battery compartment, position unit upright on a flat surface and the motion sensor does the rest. A concentrated burst of fragrance is released with each spray.

    How long will the fragrance refill last?
    Each refill provides approximately 340 sprays, which is about 30 days under normal usage conditions.

    How long will the batteries last?
    Battery life depends on several variables. It’s estimated that batteries will over two months of device usage, approximately 2 to 3 refills.